Sports and Active Travel: Kung Fu Vacation in China with the Shaolin Monks
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Sports and Active Travel: Kung Fu Vacation in China with the Shaolin Monks

shaolin monks learn kong fu in china shaolin kong fu training

Ever wanted the peace and solitude of a monk on a tranquil mist covered mountain? Or perhaps you want to learn a new skill, get fit or take up martial arts? Are you passionately interested in the Chinese culture? If any of these questions perk your interest then you will love this unique vacation idea at the Shaolin Academy of Kung Fu.

You can take an active vacation learning Kung Fu and other Chinese martial arts from the Shaolin Warrior Monks. Kung Fu was developed and made famous by the Shaolin monks who used this martial art not only to protect their Temple but as a form of training for the body and soul. The Academy of Shaolin is based at the Shaolin Temple which is situated at the foot of the Shaoshi mountain Li Wu Ru peak in the Hainan province, China. The Shaolin Temple dates back to 495AD and spans 30 thousand square meters. On the grounds are exquisite works of art, gardens, the Buddha palace and other palaces and temples from ancient Chinese dynasties.

During your stay at the Shaolin Academy for Fong Fu you can study a number of Chinese martial arts including Qi Gong, Shaolin Gongfu, Chaoyang Quan, hand to hand defense incorporating the use of traditional weapons – spears, poles etc. If you prefer something softer and aimed more at developing inner strength then try Tai Chi.

Who can take a vacation at the Shaolin academy for Kung Fu?

Don't be put off if you think you are not fit enough or that you know nothing of the Chinese martial arts, the Kung Fu training programs are tailored to each student and each one learns at his own pace. The academy respects all religions and is open to men, women and children or all fitness levels, races and creeds.

How long can you visit the Shoalin Academy for?

You can come to the Shaolin Academy for as little as a week and some students continue on for up to 5 years! If you are looking to visit the Shaolin Temple as a vacation you will probably be going for a week-month. In this time you can learn the history of Shaolin Kung Fu, learn a few punches, kicks and flexibility training. You will also get a taste of Qi Gong, Tai Ji and kick boxing. By the time you complete your short visit you should be able to break a brick in half with your hand!

Cost of a Kung Fu vacation

For a short visit of one month there is a registration fee of $100 and then approximately $700 paid later. The fee covers tuition, accommodation, use of the washing machines and food which is prepared for you. Compared to other vacation packages this is extremely reasonable, you will be going away with a once in a lifetime experience and you will have gained some new skills.

Cleansing of the body and soul

There is no alcohol, cigarettes, gambling or tobacco allowed at the academy, the academy rules also require that students not gossip, laugh at or make trouble with other students or make derogatory remarks about other students. You will spend the vacation focused only on the martial arts and surrounded by peaceful forests and Chinese mountains. Each day begins with Tai Chi and meditation at 06:00, and lights out at 21:30 for a good night's sleep. However although you will get a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life you will have your weekends free and there is Internet access in the Shaolin Academy!

The school provides you with help and advice concerning the visa requirements and transport details of how to reach them. You can find detailed information on the Shaolin website.

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Comments (7)

Perfect work.

Its a dream of a lifetime, meditating in Shaolin temple with monks and practicing Qigong anf Tai Chi, I love this piece, Petal, great article.

Ditto Ron Siojo's comments.

Amazing. That sounds so cool.

Thanks guys, it's adream for me too, I got interested in Kong Fu when the kids did a course, they stopped going but I got interested!

It sure would be a different experience that is for certain

On my list of places I would like to visit.