Tetada Kalimasada - Inner Energy Cultivativation and Therapy
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Tetada Kalimasada - Inner Energy Cultivativation and Therapy

Originating from East Java, Indonesia, a country of many esoteric practices, Kalimasada was before exclusively confined within a family circle, quite typical of many Eastern systems. Kalimasada is an ancient Indonesian method of inner energy development and self-induced therapy. Its name was derived from a sacred weapon of Maharaj Yudisthira, a saintly king and the eldest of the famed Pandava brothers of the Mahabharata.

TETEDA KALIMASADA – Inner Energy Cultivation and Therapy

The mystic of the East never ceases to amaze and awe the minds of inquisitive seekers of reality ever since the time of the European conquistadors. When most of the “civilized” world firmly believed that the world was flat, these seekers dared to venture in defiance and contention of the norms. The fascination of the exquisite and exotic produce of the East magnetized and lured many to come. They’ve truly beheld the beauty and perhaps, even had a glimpse of the mysteries of the East.

Centuries have pass, still people are enraptured by many ancient mystical practices of the East. But now these well-guarded practices unfold and reveal their high level of gross technological advancement. But the East has an entirely different advancement to contribute to mankind. Its wealth is hidden. It is more subtle. It is for those who would dare to take a journey beyond what their senses could perceive. Mystifying? Yes. Is it esoteric? Perhaps. An illusion, it is not, elusive, it may be for those impatient ones, but, nevertheless, real.

In the vast storehouse of knowledge in the East divulges one can take a dive into the depths of the subtle dimension of the energy system, cultivating, refining it and finally, even transcending the gross and subtle material planes and entering into the spiritual. Inherent in the east is the basic awareness of the essence of chi, prana, mana, or the life force. Ancient systems and practices had proliferated in India, China, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines and other Asian countries. The names may vary but the unifying principle, practice – the Kalimasada.


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Originating from East Java, Indonesia, a country of many esoteric practices, Kalimasada was before exclusively confined within a family circle, quite typical of many Eastern systems. Kalimasada is an ancient Indonesian method of inner energy development and self-induced therapy. Its name was derived from a sacred weapon of Maharaj Yudisthira, a saintly king and the eldest of the famed Pandava brothers of the Mahabharata.

With the current wave of sharing the multi-fold benefits of ancient systems, Kalimasada also linked up to this chain and opened its doors for others a little of over five years ago. Eddy Surohadi, a forty year old engineer and his brother Asep Herwadi, an Economics major, became the founders of Tetada Kalimasada, the Institution for Inner energy Cultivation and Therapy. To make this knowledge more comprehensive, a group of research and development team of the medical specialists formed the core to translate its deepness into the lingo of the gross physical sciences. Today, Tetada Kalimasada is an international organization with branches in the United States, Australia, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Singapore, and the Philippines. Instrumental from this worldwide thrust is Master Dedy Widarso, a Computer Science graduate.

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Kalimasada probes into the study of the Inner energy or the bio-electric energy which is compared to a well that never dries up and gives generally an incessant amount of water. Among kalimasada’s primary objectives are to cultivate and develop and apply the strong bio-electric energy, to gain an inner balance through concentration, and to control one’s mind and emotions. By harnessing and applying the inner energy through alpha concentration, a person develops a stronger immune system balances the flow of energy between the body and the mind, and retards the aging process.

Kalimasada also expands one’s awareness, builds one’s character, develop one’s patience, humility, discipline and compassion. At the beginning stage, his healing abilities are used. Then as makes more progress, his telepathic and telekinetic abilities, and also the practice of a passive self-defense are all tapped.

Diaphragmatic breathing is at the base and an essential in the practice of Kalimasada. In nature, the bears can hibernate for many months on a minimum amount of oxygen. This practice of diaphragmatic breathing and alpha concentration trains a person to have that said capacity of bears.

The Kalimasada breathing exercises trigger the parasympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system to generate sparks of bio-electricity. This has a stimulating impact on the major organs like kidneys, pancreas, spleen and lungs. It also increases the detoxification of the liver, and improves the circulatory and respiratory system. In general, this breathing improves the circulatory and respiratory system which in turn leads to an efficient supply and energy to the other organs and to better health. It facilitates the smooth flow of energy in the body and thus creates a balance in the body and mind.

Jurus or its choreographed movements are anaerobic exercise. Looking through its movements, one can glimpse its martial art origin. But biologically speaking, they stimulate the essential energy, thereby, improving the production and circulation and balance of the body’s vital substances. It also relieves stress syndromes especially pain or tension in the neck, shoulders, arms and hands. It calms the mind and emotions.

A myriad of beneficial effects come as a result of doing the jurus. People with urinary problems like scanty urine, difficulty during urination or blood in urine; cramps, pains and other irregularities due to menstrual disorders, general weakness and debility are alleviated. Since the kidneys and the digestive systems are strengthened, lower back problems, infertility, impotence, abnormal sex drive, loss of memory, vertigo, poor appetite, anemia, atrophy of the muscles, brittle bones are relieved. Respiratory ailments like coughing and shortness of breath, congestion in the chest are dispelled.

At the initial stage known as Perdana, the student is taught how to generate the bio-electrical currents to strengthen the immune system. A more simple way of understanding the Perdana stage is like regularly exercising and flexing the muscles, but, this time, the whole system is internal and subtle. The counterparts of muscles are the internal meridians. Just as with exercising the body becomes more supple, doing the jurus gives the person an internal suppleness, making the energy body more elastic. Then the teacher gives the person additional energy to stabilize the energy a person has generated. This is called Vibrational Synchronization, the “running capital” which allows the student to store more energy which can be utilized for healing and the body’s restoration.

Unravel the intricacies of the ancient Indonesian practice of Kalimasada and usher in a better and more profound outlook in life. Dare to be magnetized by the exotic practice of the East and become aware of he vast storehouse of knowledge which it offers you. It is a heritage.

Thanks to Marlitz thoughts! She is a Tetada Kalimasada practitioner and Tai Chi teacher.






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I learn every day, but THIS was special for me Ron! - never heard of it before....and it demonstrates that within lies great power to be used by those who learn to understand.

something new worth trying

Very interesting, Ron.

Thanks. : )

Excellent ! Yoga teaches something similar ...

A very interesting and informative write. Thank you Ron.

Informative and Intersesting! Nice article :)

dedy widarso

quite comprehensive and very nicely written ron. regards.


visit www.piteda.net about kalimasada philippines


i studied different deadly martial art style through research and self study. i like practicing martial art, healing, and magic. Kalimasada is one of my target in mastering the art of healing, then magic. hehe. that's all! thank you.

Wow, this is very well articulated.

Thanks Martin and everyone for the read, comments and votes, highly appreciated!

Just revisited, thanks everyone for the read, votes and comments, appreciated.

Is there any Tetada Kalimasada training place here in San Francisco/Bay Area?