The Fighting Syles of the Celtic Warriors
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The Fighting Syles of the Celtic Warriors

The Celtic Art of War Strategy.The Martial Art of the Celtic Warrior

Celtic fighting styles were created in the wars between the Irish and England for the purpose of developing a method of defending themselves against hand-to-hand combat, midrange combat and long-range combat. This article will provide you with the stages of Celtic fighting styles as well as describe some of the styles that were used in this martial arts form.

Ranges of Combat

Depending upon the environment and fight scenario, Celtic Warriors often strategized their battles through coordinating defenses against five proven ranges of battle:

The Projectile Range And the Long Weapons Range

Warriors used the projectile range to attack their opponents with projectile type weaponslike spears, rockslings, bow/arrows and throwing knifes. This range is determined at the start of the battle. Celtic fighting styles involved sending in the first infantry to initiate the first blow in battle.

The long weapons range involved the distance involved with fighting an opponent armed with spears and lances . Commonly long swords and spears were the main weapons utilized in this

range because some of the horsemen carried lances into battle. Obviously, long-range weapons are usually used to keep the enemy at bay. But they also serve another purpose: to help war tacticians to maneuver around first infantry and advance past the breach.

The Medium-Range and The Close Range

The Medium-Range involved utilizing either long or short range weapons like knives, swords, axes or bludgeoning hammers. In the medium-range, your opponent is within what is considered striking distance(the distance that could allow you to be struck or strike the enemy with a minimum maneuvering). The defense technique of the medium-range simply involves strategically landing a first strike and continuous follow through to neutralize your opponent.The close range is a critical point of battle. Longer weapons have little or no affect in this range. Because of the proximity of your opponent, there's very little room to retreat without being overcome by the advance of an attack. In this range, you'll often most likely use shorter range weapons such as hand knives or the styles of hand-to-hand combat. Hand strikes and clinching styles combined with kicks are useful in creating space between you and your opponent. In a close range situation, the objective is to create space while maintaining an offensive position. In this range it is essential to carefully take your strikes with precision and speed to avoid being overcome by an opponent that may be stronger or faster.

The Grappling Range

The Grappling Range is the range of defense that is encountered when your opponent has entered within striking distance and you are unable to exert force by striking. Clinching styles which involve grabbing the clothing, choking, throwing and trapping the arms are useful in this range. It is advisable to refrain from using weapons in this range to avoid injuring yourself.

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Comments (3)

I like this kind of articles, thanks!

Jo, I loved this well written article maybe it's because it is about my history but I just find it amazing that they used so many different resources. I was watching the high jump in the Olympics last night and it was easy to see how our Celtic ancestors would have just this method for gaining entry to castles and such.

I loved this article.....great job you got my vote on this one as well.