The Number 1 Factor to Protect Yourself from Violence
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The Number 1 Factor to Protect Yourself from Violence

Always keep this in mind concerning violence or assault

Violence is mainly committed by those without too much consideration for their victims.

Violence is usually either planned out prior to the assault, or even acted out, right there & then, on the spur of the moment, without too much thought or hesitation from the aggressor!

There are many reasons why one does become attacked, even if you know what these reasons are or not.

The assault upon you could be because of either your own doing towards someone else, or maybe personal reasons from the instigator, or even unbalanced disorders, your aggressor holds in his or her mind that you have no control of. Also alcohol & drugs are highly considered as a fuel to prepare someone to become violent as too are certain medical conditions.

But there is something you can do to help within your process of not becoming a victim of such an assault, and that is by arming yourself with your most important trait, awareness, & this is to consider your very own personal safety only because, many physical assaults happen successfully by the very nature of the element of surprise, deception or deflection!

If attacked physically, once that first blow has connected, you may have not realized the implications until you have already been hit, & you were either surprised or even, un-expecting, of such a violent situation occurring towards you in the first place so, emotionaly wise, you were shocked.

Your number one factor within situations of conflict, or even possible conflict, above anything else, is AWARENESS!

Once you become aware of your own vulnerability within your surroundings, & also the people involved therein, you are readily starting to protect yourself, by becoming expectant of the possibility of keeping alert & prepared within your current surroundings.

Below are just some situations whereas you may never have thought you would need to keep your eye out for danger & defend yourself from an asault.

You could be relaxing within a group of your very own friends, just having a good time & drinking a few beers then suddenly, without warning, one friend will get up & smack his mate for something that was said or done. So this could become a scenario that you will have to become aware of yourself. Another sample is, you could be out & about, in front of many other people going about doing their thing, then suddenly, without provocation someone takes a side swipe at you for no reason what so ever.

What I’m trying to say here, is, an assault can happen at any time, at any place night or day, even if you know your aggressor or not, even in the most unlikely places where you would not expect an assault to occur.

& once you become aware of this fact of your own vulnerability within your surroundings & the people involved, you must consider your awareness & utilize all of your senses of intuition, eyesight & listening & this will open up a completely new predatory mind-set of not becoming a victim of surprise & it would also do you well to learn some form of self defense to aid in protecting yourself further thus you will become aware of, & focus on, your own capabilities within such circumstances.

Thank you for reading. Dale Ovenstone

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