What is Kick Boxing? - Basics and Origins of This Sport
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What is Kick Boxing? - Basics and Origins of This Sport

What is Kick Boxing? - Basics and Origins of this Sport. Origins and explanation of Kick Boxing.

What is Kick Boxing?

Kick Boxing is a Contact sport originally from Japan, Kick Boxing descends from Muay Thai or Thai Boxing, the basis of these 2 are very similar, the only difference between these two martial arts is that Thai Boxing allows Knees and Elbows in a fight while in the other Hand Kick Boxing does not.

Osamu Noguchi, a Boxing manager introduced Kick Boxing to Japan after seeing Thai Boxing in Thailand, Noguchi and Kenji Kurosaki both karate Kyokushin teachers developed together Kick Boxing after practicing for Muay Thai.

Therefor Kick Boxing has the basis of Thai Boxing along with a Mixture of Taekwondo, karate Kyokushin and Karate.

This sport is for some considered a Martial Art, how ever people often just see it as an “Sport” because it is very similar to Thai Boxing, Boxing and Karate.

Kick Boxing is practiced in a Ring similar to a Boxing Ring, fighters use Boxing Gloves, Protection to the Crotch and Mudguard Depending on the type of combat, In Example; professional or amateur there will be a larger number of protections or less, amateur fighters also wear a padded Helmet or Mask.

There are many Rules for Kick Boxing however they depend of the Hosing Organization, however here are some rules that Most Organizations have adopted:

*Most of the time Fights consist of 3 Round 3 minutes each, however these may vary between organizations.

*Fighters can use every extremity of their Bodies as a Weapon (No Elbows or Knees).

*It is not allowed to hit to the hip.

*It is not allowed to hit to the Testicles.

*High Kicks are allowed, these are kick to the upper part of the body, hitting with the tibia or the instep.

*Neither Projections or Grasps are allowed.

*Low Kicks are allowed, these are kicks to the legs to the thighs, inner and outer form, hitting with the tibia or the instep.

*As stated before its is not allowed to throw knees or elbows to the opponent, however fighters can throw knees when fighting K-1. – Kazuyoshi ishii Founder of Seidokan Karate Created K-1 in 1993, this sport has the same rules as Kick Boxing, however Knees are allowed, Elbows are not permitted neither is the Clinch or Hold(Grasp) to the Neck of the opponent.-

Kick boxing is safe to practice aslong as its taken as a serious matter, and remember every contact sport has its risk.

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Comments (4)

Nice read!Having a great grandfather-Golden-Glove's Champ!I have always had a love for boxing.This kick boxing is fabulous for getting in top shape.

This is an awesome sport to keep the body fit. But of course, done with caution.


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Great information here about the sport that I didn't know before the read. I liked the photos along with the text as well, to support the words!