What Should A Self Defense System Consist Of ?
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What Should A Self Defense System Consist Of ?

In this article the reader will learn what kind of things should be used in developing a Self Defense system. Some of the things that I will discuss are the different types of tactics that should be used. As well I will discuss things outside of physical tactics that can be incorporated in a Self Defense system.

In the world today there are a lot of different Self Defense systems out there. Now ultimately it is not the Self Defense system that solely wins the fight. It is the person that uses the Self Defense system that wins the fight. Now even though a lot of Self Defense systems use some of the same Self Defense tactics there are a lot of tactics that are different in each of the Self Defense systems. Now even though each system has some of the same techniques and some different techniques, each Self Defense system should have should include certain types of techniques in order for it too be a complete system. That is what I am going to discuss in this article is what should each Self Defense system consist of.

Now in Self Defense even though you do not want a long list of techniques but still you need enough techniques to handle different situations. As well techniques are only one part of the whole Self Defense system. As well there are ethics to be learned as well as ways of learning how to stay calm. As well things like how to develope self confidence that allows a person to defend themselves. Now in the beginning of this article I will discuss the types of physical tactics that should be included into a Self Defense system.

Now when it comes to phyiscal tactics on thing is that when it comes to Self Defense the tactics should be practical, easy to learn, and as well easy to use. You don't want techniques that take months to learn how to use effectively. As well when it comes to striking tactics I personally believe that open handed strikes are better than closed handed strikes. The reason why I believe this is because it is a known fact that open handed strikes are faster and cause less damage to the hands than closed handed strikes do. Now as well there should be both offensive and defensive tactics. Now when it comes to the number of tactics I believe that 3 to 5 techniques is all that should be needed for each type of technique.

Now for the types of techniques that should be included into every Self Defense system. There are a lot of different types of techniques that can be incorporated into the Self Defense system. Now I believe that there are seven primary types of tactics that should be included into each Self Defense system. These types of techniques are the following: Strikes, Kicks, Throws, Submissions, Defenses, Weapons, and Unconventional tactics. ( I.E. Biting, Eye Gouging, etc.)  Now like I said before in each area of techniques you should only include 3 to 5 techniques in each. As well once again each technique should be easy to learn, practical and techniques that are easy to use.

Now other things that should be included into Self Defense systems are things like drills so that you can learn how to do the techniques. As well there should be drill that develope calmness under pressure. Another thing that should be included are drills that should be used to develope self confidence. Self confidence is important in Self Defense. For if you don't have the self confidence that you can use your Self Defense system then there is no point in training. As well one thing that I would also like to state is that no matter what Self Defense system you train in, training will not make you invincible, it will only better prepare you for the fight. As well just because you know how to defend yourself does not mean that you can go out and start fights with people.

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Comments (2)

Self-confidence is really important in self defense, no doubt about it. Thanks for sharing...

This article is really well put together.